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Black Raven Revealed – February in Review

Hi All,

Well, the past few weeks have been extremely busy.  I’ve gone through a couple rounds of Dämoren revisions, and she’s looking pretty good.  There’s more editing and changes left to do, but it’s coming along very nicely.  Of course, novel revisions have eaten into a lot of my normal writing time, but I […]

Story Inspirations – Florence

Hi all,

As I’ve written before, every author can name specific things they’ve seen, or read, that eventually appeared in one of their stories.  One city that has, and will continue to inspire my writing, is Florence Italy.

My first trip to Florence was in 2006, then again in 2012.  It is a beautiful city, brimming […]

3 Origin Stories They Totally Dropped The Ball On

Whenever we’re introduced to a great an interesting character in a movie or TV show, we want to learn more about them. How did they get that cool?  Why are they so evil? What’s up with that hair?  So our favorite writers will sit down and toil away for hours/months/years to craft a beautifully […]

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Editing and Ice: A Summary of my January

Hi all,

The past month has been eventful.  Hounacier is coming along quite nicely.  I’ve broken the 20,000 word mark and am plugging away at a good speed.

Early in the month, Old Man Winter blessed our house with this little present.
The pipe says:  “Boooooshhhh!”
 It might not look like much, but that teeny tiny hole was […]