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Review: The Devil Rides Out

While fantasy forums and websites frequently gravitate to the newest and hottest titles, I have a serious soft spot for the classics, especially Pulp-Era fiction.  Readers today have been able to categorize everything into neat micro subgenres, but there was once a period which was more like the wild west of fantasy, where anything goes, and stories […]

Highlander: My Favorite Urban Fantasy

When people discuss the most influential or most genre-defining Urban Fantasies, the two most common names I see are the Dresden Files and the Anita Blake series.  And while both of those did forge serious ground in the Detective Noir Urban Fantasy genre, they’re by no means the first Urban Fantasies and aren’t even […]

18 Facts About Dämoren

Dämoren was released one year ago today.  In honor of the occasion, I wanted to share a few facts about it. And since Dämoren has 18 shells, I decided on 18 facts.
**Spoilers Below**
1:  Dämoren was originally planned to have been built by the Italian gun-maker Beretta. But when researching, I learned that Beretta didn’t do much work with […]

Review and Interview Over at The BiblioSanctum

When I was writing Hounacier and seeing all the wonderful feedback and praise for Dämoren, I started getting a little worried that my drastic change of style for the second book was going to disappoint some readers and reviewers who might have been looking forward to something much more like Book 1.

So far, it […]

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