Fourteen years ago a pack of wendigos killed Matt Hollis’ family and damned his soul. Now, Matt is a demon hunter armed with a holy revolver named Dämoren.

After a violent series of murders leaves only fifty holy weapons in the world, Matt is recruited by the Valducans, an ancient order of demon hunters. Many of the knights do not trust him because he is possessed. When sabotage and assassinations begin, the Valducans know there is a spy in their ranks, and Matt becomes the core of their suspicions. Desperate to prove himself, and to protect Dämoren, Matt fights to gain their trust and discover the nature of the entity residing within him.



Audies 2015

 2015 APA Audie Finalist for Best Paranormal Audiobook

“Narrator R.C. Bray delivers delicious doom in Skorkowsky’s series opener…. Bray’s distinctive voice complements Skorkowsky’s battle-hardened warriors.” (AudioFile)

“…an exceptionally entertaining book.” (Audio Book Reviewer

“Do yourself a favor – just listen to Damoren – you won’t regret it – if I had to try to provide context – take an author like James Rollins or Matt Reilly, mix in some Jim Butcher and you have a pretty good idea of where Damoren fits in the canon.” (Dee’s Book Blog)

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