I’m Seth Skorkowsky. I write fantasy fiction. My debut novel, Dämoren, an urban fantasy featuring nasty monsters, modern-day knights, and a sentient pistol, was released in 2014 and is the first of my Valducan series.
My other biggest passion is tabletop Role Playing Games. I make YouTube videos about games and gaming with my cast of imaginary friends.

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  1. Robert Feuillerat

    Hi Seth,

    I watched your series on 7 Ed. CoC and found it very informative and entertaining.

    I talked my (prefers) D&D group in to giving CoC a try… I haven’t played since 3 Ed. I recently picked up the 7 Ed. rules and really like the updates. We’re playing Horror on the Orient Express.

    I like and will use your house rule for Critical Successes which got me to thinking about Skills under 50 and Fumbling with a 100 on the dice roll.

    What do you think of awarding a single point to that Skill for that Fumble? It’s a bit of learning from your mistakes.



    1. Hi Robert,

      Glad you’ve enjoyed the series and that you and your group are giving Call of Cthulhu a spin. Have fun with Orient Express. As far as awarding a single point for 00 Fumbles, I’m a fan of it. We used to do that when we were playing Cyberpunk 2020 as a little perk since the PC learned what not to do in the future when trying that skill. We also did the same when rolling a Crit Success. We never brought it over to CoC for whatever reason (I honestly don’t know why we didn’t).

      Have fun,

  2. Todd Gallegos

    Seth you remind me of a DM I use to play Dungeons and Dragons with. I love the YouTube videos you do. I hope you continue to make them.

  3. Neil Ferguson

    Hi Seth,

    Wanted to drop you a note of thanks from the “busy gamer”, I’ve played and been a keeper for over 35 years and run all editions of Cthulhu (except 6th….. lets not talk about it).

    Anyway, I’m sure I’m not alone in a) finding time to learn the rules of a new game is increasingly difficult and b) As fun as reading rules is the real fun is in playing the game with friends.

    Anything that can expedite those 2 items is gratefully received and your series of 7th Edition AND Pulp Cthulhu on You Tube are PERFECT tools to enable gamers to get quickly in to 7th Edition and Pulp Cthulhu (as I did). I watched your video first and made my own notes, then skim read the book and in more depth where I was still unclear or I saw sections not called out in the video. Then BOOM, straight in to a gaming session.

    Before each session I replay some of the videos to refresh my memory and read my notes, i.e. if I’m expecting a chase I re watch the chase video and I’m ready to go. I estimate that using this method has reduced the time to get to the gaming table for the Pulp Cthulhu 7th Edition by 80% for me.

    So sincere thanks for ALL the work and effort on this AND all the scenario reviews. I’m amazed that game publishers wouldn’t take this best known method to have videos of this type explaining their games. It can only increase unit sales.

    Anyway, thanks again and say Hi to Jack for me.

    Regards Neil

  4. Hi Seth I recently joined the Ca;; of Cthulhu FB group.
    folks ask questions about the game and rule and gaming situation a lot.
    several of us veteran Keepers will answer.. and then the appropriate Seth Skorkowsy video to watch 😀

    a million years ago in the late 80s a lot of this got figured out one game night at a time. Now I often offer your tool box and philosophy vids to my players via msg between sessions.

    we enjoy them and find them on the nose useful and entertaining

    We enjoy the war stories.
    Jack has inspired me to create an NPC to roll out maybe as we finish Two Headed Serpent…

    And last thing…
    I have ALL those mythos minis and a hord o’ books from the old days.

    last last thing.
    Your books are available on audible… kewl… how did you do it?

    1. Hi Anita. Thank you very much. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the channel and found the How-To’s useful. I’m on the FB Call of Cthulhu group as well, usually lurking in the shadows or tossing in the occasional advice or joke.
      Getting my books on audio wasn’t too difficult. For my first book, we were approached by Audible because it was selling well on ebook. Details were all worked out between my publisher and the studio. Later on, for Redemptor, I worked it directly with Audible Original Studios. For my current project, audio rights were worked out between my agent and the audio publisher.

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