I’m Seth Skorkowsky. I write fantasy fiction. My debut novel, Dämoren, an urban fantasy featuring nasty monsters, modern-day knights, and a sentient pistol, was released in 2014 and is the first of my Valducan series.
My other biggest passion is tabletop Role Playing Games. I make YouTube videos about games and gaming with my cast of imaginary friends.

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  1. Robert Feuillerat

    Hi Seth,

    I watched your series on 7 Ed. CoC and found it very informative and entertaining.

    I talked my (prefers) D&D group in to giving CoC a try… I haven’t played since 3 Ed. I recently picked up the 7 Ed. rules and really like the updates. We’re playing Horror on the Orient Express.

    I like and will use your house rule for Critical Successes which got me to thinking about Skills under 50 and Fumbling with a 100 on the dice roll.

    What do you think of awarding a single point to that Skill for that Fumble? It’s a bit of learning from your mistakes.



    1. Hi Robert,

      Glad you’ve enjoyed the series and that you and your group are giving Call of Cthulhu a spin. Have fun with Orient Express. As far as awarding a single point for 00 Fumbles, I’m a fan of it. We used to do that when we were playing Cyberpunk 2020 as a little perk since the PC learned what not to do in the future when trying that skill. We also did the same when rolling a Crit Success. We never brought it over to CoC for whatever reason (I honestly don’t know why we didn’t).

      Have fun,

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