It All Comes Together.

I’ve been writing fiction for several years now. My modest collection of magazines and anthologies fill the shadowboxes on the wall behind me as I write this. They are my trophies, my little reminders that no matter what happens, I published those.

Writing is exciting and maddening all at once. I’ve had brushes with contracts that never happened. I’ve sold stories that ended up never seeing print because publishers went under. I’ve had far more rejection letters than I’d like to admit. Eventually, frustration led me to nearly stop writing. I feared those glossy covers hanging on my wall were all I’d ever have.

My wife loves to tell me that it’ll happen when it’s supposed to.

In May of 2013 I spoke with several authors who all told me that I really needed to get a website for when that big sale happens. I really didn’t heed their warnings.

Then, in December of 2013, everything happened at once. Ragnarok Publications signed my urban fantasy novel, DÄMOREN. The next week Rogue Blades Entertainment not only signed my Black Raven sword and sorcery collection MOUNTAIN OF DAGGERS, but also signed for a second collection, SEA OF QUILLS.

I’d gone from having no book deals to three in a week’s time…. and I still didn’t have a website.

My wife always said that it will happen when it’s supposed to. And as 2013 draws to a close, I can’t help but concede that she was right.

I love you, Kayci.

Here’s to the future.