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The Best Writing Resource I’ve Ever Found

Hi all,

Whenever I talk to someone who has either just started, or is considering writing, I always point them toward the website that has helped me more than anything else, The Online Writing Workshop for Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Horror or simply, OWW.  Now, of course, the budding author needs to be working in […]

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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Book in a Drawer

Back when I first started writing, I penned an amazing dark-fantasy called Dreams of Lost Souls.  It was the first of four in my Empire of Deceit series.  Coming in at 114,000 words, it took me just over two years to write.  Once finished, I immediately started on its sequel, Divine Liberation, while simultaneously […]

The 3 Lessons I Learned Driving a Pimped Hotrod


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Adventure of the Week TV

Hi All,

One thing that’s been bothering me with television the past few years is that the old, “adventure-of-the-week” shows are just about gone.  What I mean, is those fun shows that rarely required you to see the previous episode in order to understand/enjoy them.  Instead, TV has become full of soap-operas where each season, […]

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Story Inspirations – The Doge’s Palace

Every writer can name specific things they’ve seen, or read, that eventually appeared in one of their stories, either as a central plot-point or just atmosphere.  For me, the one place that held the most kernels of inspiration was the Doge’s Palace in Venice Italy.

I first visited it during my Honeymoon in 2006.  My […]

Making Headway

Hi all,

Well 2014 is off to a great start, so-far.
The website is looking better (still need to acquire some more pictures).
The wonderful, Hugo Award winning, Elizabeth Bear has agreed to let me use little a quote of hers for DÄMOREN.  That being said, check this out!
I really can’t describe how nice that […]