Dämoren Reviews and Guest Blogs


The past week has been a whirlwind.  Kinlde Editions of Dämoren released Monday, followed by Paperback Editions on Thursday.

I received a phone call to setup my first book signings, which was a complete and awesome surprise.  I’ll post the dates once we’ve hammered them out.

I did an author interview at The Quillery. In it, we discuss the hardest character for me to write in Dämoren, and my favorite line.

Guest Post at Bibliotropic: It Started With a Gun and an Idea – Here I share the two ideas that came together and became my novel Dämoren.

Guest Blog Post at Fantasy Book Critic: Building the Perfect Revolver – I discuss the inspirations and details about making the revolver Dämoren. I really enjoyed the post.


Bloggers reviews have been outstanding.

5-Star Review from blogger Frank Michaels Errington. In it, he said, “If you love urban fantasy, you’ll certainly enjoy Dämoren.

Fantasy Book Critic also gave a stellar review, saying, Dämoren is an exciting debut, as it offers the best of both urban fantasy and thrillers have to offer. Seth Skorkowsky writes a story that is an excellent combination of horror, action and mythology, furthermore his writing flows smoothly and makes for a damned good read as well. Check out Dämoren if you like Jim Butcher‘s works mixed in with a strong dash of James Rollins‘ thrillers.”

Dangerous Dan’s Book Blog said, “It was a fun read and things got really tense in the last 20%. Since it’s the first book in a series, I knew some people would live but if the first book is any indication, the story of the Valducan knights is going to be a bloody one with lots of casualties.”

 And there’s still more coming.  Dämoren has had an awesome debut, and now there’s a serious fire under me to be sure that the sequel, Hounacier, beats it.

Thank you, everyone. 



Dämoren Is Out

I’m happy to announce that my debut novel Dämoren is now available on Kindle at Amazon. Print editions will still be a couple weeks.

Early reviews are very very good.  It’s a great feeling to see people enjoy my story.  Amazing, really.

In the meantime I’ve been writing guest blog posts for various sites.
Please check out SF Signal, where I wrote a post about “The Story Behind DÄMOREN” – I tell a little about the process of how I turned a few random scenes into a novel, and compare that to the process I’m now using to write HOUNACIER.

Then check out Literary Escapism where I posted “Why Our Heroes Shouldn’t Get Along” – There I tell why authors shouldn’t shy away from some good-old inner party conflict. (Spoiler: I talk about Star Trek)

That’s all I have for now. 



Dämoren Release Approaches


I’m happy to announce that e-book editions of DÄMOREN will be released April 14th.  Paperbacks will appear shortly after.

Risingshadow.net posted the first advanced review on April 5th (which was also my birthday), and I have to admit, it made my entire day.  Reviewer Seregil of Rhiminee said, “It’s one of the few urban fantasy novels that are worth reading (and it’s one of the best modern fantasy novels I’ve ever read).”
Check out the entire review here.

DÄMOREN also has its very own page up on Goodreads now.

I  had a fun interview with Ragnarok author Mercedes Murdock Yardley.  Together, we discussed the finer things, such as practice novels and “fluffing”.  You can read the interview here.

In the meantime, I’ve been working on a couple Guest Blogs for different sites.  Those should be posting up over the next few weeks.  I’ve also been pounding away at HOUNACIER (The sequel to Dämoren).  I’d hoped to have hit the 30,000-word mark by last weekend, but a very nasty hail-storm and near tornado miss threw my writing schedule off a bit.  I’ve gone through many tornado scares in my life, but this one was undoubtedly the closest I’ve ever come to have one hit.  Hail was golf-ball sized.  Baseball-sized was falling just a mile away, so I got off pretty lucky by comparison. 

Things are moving quickly, and I’m so excited to finally share DÄMOREN with the world.  Just one week to go.