Mountain of Daggers is on Audible

Audible MODMountain of Daggers is now available on Audible, narrated by R.C. Bray. Once again, R.C. has done a fantastic job.

I’ve said before how scary, yet exciting, it is to hear your story for the first time. Ahren has been with me for a long while, and getting to not only hear his voice, but also Volker, Polncoh, and all the others, is simply amazing.  I hope everyone enjoys his adventures.

While listening the the first story, “Birth of the Black Raven”, I started wondering how long ago it was that I first came up with him.  Ahren was originally supposed to be the hero of a single stand-alone tale with no intention of becoming a pulp serial.  I checked an Old Drafts folder on my computer and found the original rough draft (at the time titled “The Black Raven’s Revenge”) that was written in August 2005.

Ten years.

Raven 2005

If anyone had told me then that one day that little short story was going to spawn a series, and that it would be narrated by an award-winning voice actor, I wouldn’t have believed it.   Funny how plans change, isn’t it?

Speaking of series, we’ve completed edits on Book II, Sea of Quills, and everything looks to be in order for its release this fall.  Audible will also be releasing the audio version, though I don’t know yet when that will be.  In the meantime, I’m still plugging away at Ibenus, and once some things settle down I promise I’ll be posting some more blogs about important topics like Conan Movies and other fun stuff.