Video Blog: The RPG Social Contract

After some prodding from my wife, I’ll be releasing a series of blogs concerning Role Playing Games, such as reviews, tips, and overall philosophies I have. Instead of my normal blog format, I’ll be doing most of these as videos.

The first of which is my thoughts on the social contract concerning the responsibilities and expectations that players and game-masters agree to when joining or forming a RPG group.


This is a topic I’ve discussed several times over the years with various players and GM’s and it was good to finally organize and articulate it all in one place. Hopefully others will enjoy it.

Podcast Interviews

arm-castIt’s been a productive month. Redemptor (Valducan #4) is done and currently going through Beta readers. I plan to have the first draft edited and turned in to Ragnarok by month’s end. I’m very happy with how this one has turned out.

For you podcast fans (or anyone interested in hearing my voice) I have two podcast interviews I’ve recently done.

First, I’m over at The Arm Cast Podcast chatting with Armand Rosamilia.

Next, I stopped by The Grim Tidings Podcast with fellow Ragnarok author Kenny Soward where we discuss our stories, role-playing games, audiobooks and everything nerdy. grimtidings

Swing by and give them a listen.