Seth Skorkowsky was born beneath the pine trees of East Texas and grew up with a love of camping and outdoors. His teen years were spent ingesting heavy doses of Dungeons & Dragons and Clive Barker novels.

TSR_Lankhmar_City_Of_AdventureAt thirteen, while visiting his favorite comic/game shop, he saw the cover for the AD&D “Lankhmar: City of Adventure” campaign book. Seth had no idea who Fritz Leiber or his heroes, Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser, even were, but the imagery captured him. Leiber’s stories became the single greatest influence on the atmosphere of his fantasy writing.

Sometime after college, while attempting to write the next great epic horror/fantasy, he penned a short story on the side called ‘The Mist of Lichthafen‘. It was his nod to Fritz. He sold the story to TTA Press who wanted it for their upcoming Black Static magazine.  “The Mist of Lichthafen” was praised among readers.  It received a longlist nomination for the 2009 British Fantasy Award.  Seth would later narrate the story for TTA Press’ ‘Transmissions From Beyond’ podcast.

Later, during a moment of writer’s block in his novel, he wrote an origin story for a thief character called The Black Raven. ‘Birth of the Black Raven’ was always intended to be a stand-alone story with a very open ending. A year later, after his first trip to Venice, he wrote ‘Race for the Night Ruby‘, and decided to cast the same character, but now as a master thief. Once that was done, he really had no choice but to fill in the gaps between the two stories and then continue on with more adventures. As of writing this, Black Raven has had over 21 stories.

damorenIn 2011, after attending a brutal 3-day writing workshop, Seth finally came to grips that his first novel was simply dreadful.  Instead of feeling dismayed, it gave him the courage to let it go and actually start work on an Urban Fantasy story that he’d been mulling for several years.

DÄMOREN sold to Ragnarok Publications in 2013. It published in 2014 and was a Audie Award finalist for Best Paranormal Audiobook.

A week later, lightning struck twice more when he signed to publish not just one, but two collections of Black Raven adventures.  MOUNTAIN OF DAGGERS and SEA OF QUILLS.

Seth has now published four Valducan novels and a seperate novel Ashes of Onyx. He has many more Black Raven adventures planned. One day he hopes to pen that epic fantasy, as well as a gritty pulp crime novel.

In 2016, he started making YouTube videos about table-top role-playing games one day. His channel won the Gold ENnie Award for Best Online Content in 2019.

In 2020, his first published RPG scenario ‘A Mother’s Love’ was released in the Call of Cthulhu collection New Tales of the Miskatonic Valley. The collection went on to win the 2020 Gold ENnie Award for Best Electronic Book.

When not writing, Seth loves going on walks to clear his head and daydream. He enjoys traveling. His favorite city is Florence. Table-top role-playing is still an enormous part of his life. He loves, going to Renaissance faires, making YouTube videos, and watching bad movies with friends.

7 thoughts on “Bio

  1. Pete Keenan

    Just discovered your You Tube channel! Besides having the most epic collection of t-shirts, you seem to have a fantastic take on D&D. I started playing D&D wayyyyyyyyy back in 1979 and was a certified addict until about 1996. Your channel has inspired me to write a campaign and try to get a group together after a two decade hiatus of not playing.
    Thanks for the passion.

  2. Jeremy Walsh

    Dear Seth

    I have found your you tube channel. I really enjoy how you do those videos. I wish you would run a D & D convention with a Seth Module.

    I did not know you wrote books and I will have to buy one

    Thank yiu

  3. Greg Olson

    Mr. Skorkowsky:

    Hey sir just wanted to say thank you. Started playing D&D with the 1977 boxed set as a kid in grade school then went on to Gamma World, Boot Hill, Call of Cthulhu, Traveller, Champions, Morrow Project, Fringeworthy, FTL 2448, Stalking the Night Fantastic, etc … Over the years fell out of the hobby (life, career and family has intervened) but always kept peripherally in touch with it. Happened upon your you tube channel about 1 1/2 years ago and I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed it. Have also read Damoren (loved it) and am 1/2 way through Ashes of Onyx (loving it to).

    Don’t mean to be too “fan-boy” but just really wanted to say kudos to you, thank you and keep up the great work!

  4. Lars Grabowski

    Hey Seth,

    by chance I stumbled over your YouTube Channel and quickly got addicted. I am playing CoC for over 20 years now and I enjoy your reviews (especially the classics) which bring up very fond memories.
    But you also made me curious about cyberpunk and your E-books have become a steady companion.
    I really appreciate your opinion and maybe I can direkt your attention to my all time favourite module “a happy family” first published in 1993 “adventures in arkham country”. It was my first ever contact with CoC and I would love to see it reviewed.
    (no hassle…if you deem it unsuitable it is ok for me).
    Best regards from Germany
    P.S.: great job on “a mother’s love”. My Group had a bläst.

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