Black Raven Revealed – February in Review

Hi All,

Well, the past few weeks have been extremely busy.  I’ve gone through a couple rounds of Dämoren revisions, and she’s looking pretty good.  There’s more editing and changes left to do, but it’s coming along very nicely.  Of course, novel revisions have eaten into a lot of my normal writing time, but I still found time to knock out Chapter 5 of Hounacier.  I’m about 25% through the first draft, so I’m pretty excited to see it shaping up.

But what gets me the most excited is this…

MOD - Cover artHiya, handsome

That, ladies and gentlemen, is the cover art for Mountain of Daggers, and I think artist Didier Normand did a fantastic job.

Ahren looks great, and that Tyenee pendant…wow.  I mean…WOW!  I love it.

I’m already discussing with a couple places the details for having that pendant made for real.  I can almost promise that myself and my editor, Jason Waltz, will be getting one.  That medallion is just too pretty not to exist.  Pricing, of course, will determine if other medallions will available, and if so, expect some contest prizes. 

The picture seems to be cut off though, doesn’t it?  What’s Ahren doing there?  What’s in his hand? If only the picture kept going, maybe wrapping around the rest of the book, we could see what he’s up to.

Oh wait, never mind, it totally does…


Mountain Cover 1st DrIs just a few short moments, three people will need to roll some Saving Throws


That picture makes me happy.  It makes me very, very happy.  I want to thank Rogue Blades Entertainment and Didier Normand for making that picture a reality. 

The last update I can give for the month is that last night I outlined my next Black Raven adventure.  Very Lovecraftian.  I can’t wait to start writing it out.



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