Ebooks for Redemptor Are Available

For those who have been patiently waiting on Redemptor (Valducan #4) to be available on Kindle, the wait is over. You can find it on Amazon HERE.

This also marks the 6-month anniversary since it was released on Audible. In that time, it’s earned 209 ratings. Not too shabby.

We’re finishing up the final touches on the paperback re-release for Hounacier and Ibenus. Hopefully those will be returning soon. I want to thank Crossroad Press for taking on my little series and the hard work they’ve done in bringing it back. Once those are done, we can begin working on the paperbacks for Redemptor.



Redemptor is out


I’m extremely pleased to announce that Redemptor is now available on Audible. Once again, R.C. Bray has done a fantastic performance. 

Because it’s an Audible Original Production, the book will be Audible-exclusive for six months. After that time, we’ll do a paper and ebook release.

In the meantime, Crossroad Press has officially released the new ebook version of Hounacier. Paperbacks to follow. Also, we’ll be getting Ibenus re-edited and hopefully re-released soon.

Finally, Crossroad has released the new paperback edition of Mountain of Daggers. So for anyone wanting to get your hands on a physical copy, those are out now.


Redemptor Preorder is Live

The wait is nearly over. The Audible edition of Redemptor (Valducan #4) is available for preorder.

R.C. Bray has returned to the recording chair to voice the heroes. It comes to just a little above 9 hours. Release date in January 30th.

You can find it Here.

Paper and ebook editions will follow in 6 months.  In the meantime, I’m finishing up the final round of edits on Hounacier’s re-release with Crossroad Press, so that should be coming back soon.




Dämoren is Back, Podcast, and Redemptor News

I’m very happy to say that Dämoren has been re-edited and released by Crossroad Press.  It’s cleaner, tighter, and ready to entertain.

You should check it out 🙂 It’s on Amazon HERE.

Hounacier and Ibenus will be coming back soon once they’ve gone through their own round of fresh edits.

Next, I’m over at the Archivos Podcast talking about writing, gaming, YouTube, and all sorts of other stuff.

You can find it HERE.


Finally, I’m happy to officially announce that R.C. Bray has returned to the microphone to lend his golden voice to Redemptor. After Dämoren and Hounacier both made the Audie Award finalist lists, hopefully we can pull it off on our newest collaboration.  The Audible edition will release in late January 2018.

That’s all for now.  Hope to have some new updates soon.


Publishing Announcement: Redemptor is coming

For those of you wondering when you can get your hands on REDEMPTOR (Valducan #4), prepare your ear holes.  Audible Original Publishing has signed Redemptor for release. AOP will release the novel as a 6-month audio exclusive. After that, it will become available in print and ebook editions.

Release date is still unknown (we just signed it, so there’s still editing, recording, editing the recording, and a bunch of other steps somewhere in the middle). But it will happen. No idea yet if R.C. Bray will narrate it, as he has the other Valducan novels. I hope his schedule allows for it. I’ll post more as I learn more.

Now, as for paper and ebook editions of Redemptor and the rest of my Valducan and Black Raven books, which will no longer be carried by my former publisher, I have a second announcement coming soon.  We just need to make sure all the final steps are in place, but they have found a home. More to come.


Moving On

After three years and five books, I’ve decided to end my relationship with Ragnarok Publications.

I won’t lie. This wasn’t easy. But it had to happen.

I’m not going to go into much detail here. There’s several reasons, some big, some small, but the short of it comes down to business.  Writing is a business. Publishing is a business. And Ragnarok hasn’t paid me what they owe me.  How much? I wish I knew.

This isn’t a new problem. Other authors have left over the past year for the same reason and more.  It sucks. But business is business.

I’m not interested in trash-talk. So don’t expect that. I will always be grateful for Ragnarok being the first publisher to take the risk on me. I’ve made a lot of good friends there and many special memories.

So what does this mean?

Well, it’ll take a few months for the transition to take effect and all rights to return to me on the books already in publication.  So, I have until then to figure it out.  Hopefully, I will find a new publisher with a solid reputation who wants my Valducan Series (anyone know a good agent?).

What about Redemptor?

Well, Redemptor (Valducan #4) is completely back in my hands. Technically, it never left. Due to a merger and some other reasons, Ragnarok never sent me a contract (Crazy. I know.) So as of this moment, I have the full rights to it.

However, this also means that it will not be releasing this November. I’m terribly sorry for that.

Hopefully Redemptor will find a new home soon.

This isn’t a post I wanted to make. I wanted to post about how Redemptor is coming soon and about how Ashes of Onyx is nearly complete. But business is business.  Sometimes it isn’t fun.


Redemptor Plot and Cover Reveal

One part of writing that I hope never grows old is the joy of seeing a book’s cover for the very first time. It’s like getting the first glimpse of a very dear friend that you’ve spent long hours with but have never actually met.  Shawn King at Ragnarok Publications has done some amazing covers, and I am thrilled at what he’s created with Redemptor.  

Hello, old friend.

Now, for those of you wondering what Valducan #4 might be about, here you go:

Three years have passed since Valducan knight Matt Hollis defeated Tiamat’s cult, but her demonic children are still on the loose. Now, a mysterious enemy is stealing holy weapons across South America, leaving a trail of bodies in their wake. The Valducans fear that her followers have returned.

But not all is as it seems and a new player has joined this hunt – the paladins of the Catholic Church. To stop an evil that none of them have ever imagined the Order must set aside centuries of animosity and join forces with their long-standing enemy.

In the war against demons, there are weapons on both sides. Monsters aren’t born, they’re forged.

The final line was actually the first line that I knew about the book. I had the concept for Redemptor shortly before Dämoren was released. But I wasn’t entirely sure yet what it would be about, and it went through a few versions before the ideas fully crystallized. However, some of the plot elements I did know, and I slipped them into both Hounacier, and Ibenus, as well as a few of my Valducan short stories.

This one has been a long-time coming, and I’m very happy to finally see Redemptor for the first time. Matt is stepping back into a starring role and will be joined by several familiar faces and a few new ones.

I look forward to sharing it with you all.





Podcast Interviews

arm-castIt’s been a productive month. Redemptor (Valducan #4) is done and currently going through Beta readers. I plan to have the first draft edited and turned in to Ragnarok by month’s end. I’m very happy with how this one has turned out.

For you podcast fans (or anyone interested in hearing my voice) I have two podcast interviews I’ve recently done.

First, I’m over at The Arm Cast Podcast chatting with Armand Rosamilia.

Next, I stopped by The Grim Tidings Podcast with fellow Ragnarok author Kenny Soward where we discuss our stories, role-playing games, audiobooks and everything nerdy. grimtidings

Swing by and give them a listen.


Signing Events and Other News

For anyone in the Dallas Forth Worth area, I’ll be at the Highland Village Barnes & Noble this Saturday, October 22, from 2-4.  Come by, say, “Hello,” and get your books signed.

If you can’t make it to that, I’ll also be appearing at the Lewisville Texas Barnes & Noble on Saturday, November 12, from 1-3. I’d love to see you.

Black OpsIn other news, pre-orders for Cohesion Press’ SNAFU: Black Ops anthology are now available. Inside you’ll find my Valducan story “Raid on Wewelsburg.” Set during the final days of the Second World War, Lady Helen Meadows leads a team of knights behind the lines into Nazi Germany to retrieve several stolen holy weapons before the approaching Allied army can seize them. Needless to say, they find more than they bargained for.

The anthology price will go up when it releases December 8, so order it now.  You can order it HERE.

I’m also in the final three chapters of writing Redemptor (Valducan #4). Hopefully I’ll have it edited and ready to turn in to my publisher before the end of the year. I’ll be posting more about it over the next few months.