Cover Reveal and Audible Release

Hounacier AudibleThis week Audible released the audio version for Hounacier.  I’m very happy to say that R.C. Bray has done a spectacular job bringing it to life.

It’s a very strange feeling getting to listen to your book for the first time.  Scary. Bit exhilarating.  You wonder how certain characters are going to sound or the pacing of specific scenes is going to play out.  Then the worry starts to go away and you just listen.  It might sound crazy, but the audiobook is the only time that I actually get to enjoy my own story.  Normally, when ever I read it or re-read a specific scene, I can’t see it the same way a normal reader can.  I’m still editing in my head, or I’m remembering old ways things were written in previous drafts, or I’m just being critical of it in only that way an author can criticize their own work.  But with the audiobook, my critical eyes aren’t invited to the party.  I can just sit back and enjoy the ride in the closest way I think a reader can experience it.  It’s a great feeling.

In speaking of audio books, R.C. Bray is wrapping up his recording for Mountain of Daggers.  I can’t wait to hear Ahren speak for the first time.  No word yet on release date yet, but I’ll share it once I know more.

In the meantime, here’s a little something that makes me smile:


Sea of Quills Ragnarok


And by smile, I mean smile ear-to-ear like a madman.  Artist Alex Raspad has done another great picture of Ahren. The image is from Washed Ashore,” one of the nine stories.  Sea of Quills will be coming out this October.  And for you audiobook lovers, yes, R.C. Bray will be narrating for it as well when the Audible version comes available.

That’s all for now.  Hope to have some new updates coming soon.



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