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TotalCon: February 20-23, 2020

SoonerCon: June 26-28, 2020

GenCon: July 30-August 2, 2020

WriterCon: September 4-6, 2020


Email: seth(dot)skorkowsky(at)gmail(dot)com

Literary Agent: Patty Carothers at Metamorphosis Literary Agency – pcarothers (at) metamorphosisliteraryagency (dot) com

Twitter: @SSkorkowsky

22 thoughts on “Events & Contact

  1. Randall Scott Trussell (I go by 'Rand')

    Hey, just wanted to say that I just found your review videos (and other) the other day and have watched like 8-10 of them already, starting with the classic AD&D modules. For the ones I have ran (I am a 40+ year gaming vet) I pretty-much agree on most of your points. Anyway, just thought I would say hi. So, Hi.

  2. Stephen Beat

    Hello there! Just wanted to say ‘thank you’ for dragging me into the murky world of Call of Cthulhu! I really didn’t know I wanted to become involved in such eldritch goings-on until I ‘accidentally’ watched one of your YouTube reviews (CofC: Starter Set)…

    Now there is no hope for me…So, again, ‘thank you’ for that.

    Seriously, a sincere thanks for all the hard work you have put into the CofC community with your very helpful – and entertaining – tutorials and reviews.

    All the best, Stephen

  3. Colby Johnson

    I stumbled upon your website and I want you to know I appreciate everything you and you are a big inspiration to me in both my table top play and my own personal writing. So thank you for all you do.

      1. David Keith Kolliker

        Hey Seth , I recently found your youtube channel and it is awesome. I really like your reviews on Coc material. I find it to be very informative and entertaining. I have just started learning to be keeper of lore for seventh addition. Have you reviewed Down Darker Trails the western supplement to Coc? I would like to hear your take on it.
        Thank you and best regards

        1. Hi David. I only recently (last week) got to play my first game of Down Darker Trails. I dig it. I like that they have the Pulp Cthulhu aspect so it’s more like a Western movie. I’m not sure how much my players would like it as a long-term game (more personal taste than anything), but I found it very enjoyable.

      2. Chris Forever Young

        Seth, recently discovered your stuff and am a big fan. Been playing d&d since 1980 and love your reviews of the old mods and all of the other videos you put out!

        Question, have you ever done an article/video on running contests, tournaments, etc during game sessions?

  4. Ron Smith

    Hi Seth!
    My favorite RPG is Traveller, with Call of Cthulhu as my second favorite. Needless to say I was delighted when I recently discovered your Youtube channel.
    Even though I love Call of Cthulhu I have not been able to find players for a very long time, and don’t expect to any time soon.
    I have an original set of Grenadier Adventurer figures (22 pieces, all painted). They have been collecting dust on my shelf for almost 30 years now. I watched your CoC miniatures video, and I noticed you have several of them already, but yours are mostly unpainted.
    Anyway, if you are interested, I would be quite happy to send them to you, as a gift and thank you for your great channel. This way I at least know they will have a good home and actually get used as they were intended to be.

    1. Hi Ron. Thank you very much. I’m glad you’ve been enjoying the channel. Call of Cthulhu and Traveller are both wonderful systems and always deserve more love. D&D always gets the spotlight, but it’s not even close to the only system out there. While I do appreciate the offer (and who wouldn’t) I’ve already got more miniatures than I know what to do with. The collection has grown a lot in the years since I did that video, and I’m pretty set. But thank you.

  5. Steve

    Hello, Seth.

    Three things:

    Firstly, love your channel. 2020 is a year of head-shaking times, but I always smile when I see a notification that you posted a new video.

    Secondly, I wish to thank you for your keen insight into RPG’s. I had taken a “life happens” hiatus from D&D from the mid-90’s until recently but I have resumed playing and acting as DM for several groups of friends. Your videos have been particularly helpful. As a side note, I have been trying to figure out why I subscribe to some channels (e.g. yours) and not others – of which there are many related to D&D – and I think I have landed on the theory that if I would be comfortable playing in that person’s campaign, I subscribe. (Insert informal salute.)

    Thirdly, I go through waves of trying to absorb ideas, advice, etc., then playing and creating my world/campaign and running the adventures, etc. …. then returning to mode of trying to learn. I am stuck, though. I am running out of learning sources and I find a lot of content out there to be focused on things that are not my thing:
    – streaming of someone else’s game
    – lists (“The Top FIve Spells…”)
    – “problem players” (which I don’t have)
    – horror stories

    The End Game: I guess I am looking for thoughts on campaign ideas, concepts and plot hooks that engage the adult audience. I try to lift things from history (e.g. Napoleon, Hannibal, the Aztecs), and current events. Where do you (and Scott Brown) look for inspiration? Any surprise sources?



  6. adam

    Hey Seth I have been enjoying all your traveller videos on youtube and will be running a number of the modules you have vlog’d about for our group.

    Do you have a repository of the handouts and edits you made to bat-sht-365?


  7. Hello, Mr. Seth Skorkowsky. My name is Isaac Mandagie, and I am an Asian-Indonesian TRPG fan and first time creator from Indonesia.

    I have been a fan of you and your channel since 2017, around the time when you uploaded the review for “The Haunting”. That video got me to become a Keeper in the same year! Ever since then, I follow your videos religiously and keep on recommending it to other people in our Indonesian TRPG community. Your video even helped me learn Cyberpunk Red, which I was able to run a few months ago!

    I would like to say that you’re one of my inspirations for the first adventure module that I have ever written! I made it as part of the summer course for RPG Writer Workshop (2020 ENnie award winner for Best Online Content, which you also won back in 2019!), which helped me create the first adventure module that I’ve ever written in a proper way.

    It is a Lovecraftian Horror one-shot adventure, filled with references to the Cthulhu Mythos, that I made as a love-letter to my favorite horror genre by using the TRPG system that is presumably “the world’s greatest roleplaying game”.

    So thank you, Mr. Skorkowsky, from the bottom of my heart.

  8. Soren


    I’ve come across your YouTube videos and I love the way you present your material, the skits, the thoughts behind, the honesty. All of it.

    Is there any way to just donate for a cup of coffee or something? Id love for you to keep making awesome relevant content.

    1. Hi Soren, I’m glad you’re enjoying the channel. As far as donations, I do have a Patreon, but you can also just buy some of my book (and hopefully enjoy them). After that, reviews/ratings on Amazon, Audible, or Goodreads are always appreciated.
      I also have a Teespring store with shirts, so you can pick up a shirt or sticker and I make about 50%.

      Any of those will work fine.


  9. Alex Ramirez

    Hey I Loved your CoC review and I really want to be a keeper, however I would like to play at least one game as player 1st, here in my city is almost imposible to find groups (and now with COVID is worst) what would be a good place to find groups online? I have tried but no luck

    1. Hi Alex,
      The recommendation I have is to join one of the Call of Cthulhu online communities. There’s a good one on Reddit and the Facebook one is also great. Chat with people and you can learn when game might be, but also if they’re the kind of people that would mesh well with you. I’ve never used those groups for that, personally, but I’ve seen other people do it.

      Best of luck on your quest.


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