Editing and Ice: A Summary of my January

Hi all,

The past month has been eventful.  Hounacier is coming along quite nicely.  I’ve broken the 20,000 word mark and am plugging away at a good speed.

Early in the month, Old Man Winter blessed our house with this little present.

StupidPipeBurstThe pipe says:  “Boooooshhhh!”

 It might not look like much, but that teeny tiny hole was quickly able to turn our downstairs into a small lake.  Fortunately, my wife was home at the time it blew, otherwise it might have destroyed our house.  The pipe itself went to an outside faucet, and yes, I had put one of those insulated covers on it.  The problem was that the people who built our home never really considered the possibility that Texas would get that cold, so they were a tad lax on installing anything that resembled wall insulation.  (It was the 1980’s then, a strange time when bathrooms were carpeted, and insulation was just a suggestion.  Both those issues have now been addressed.)

Dämoren revisions are underway.  So far, we’ve trimmed over 2,000 words.  Right now I’m just waiting for the next round.  Most authors I talk to really hate the editing process.  Not me.  I dig it.  My reasons for that could fill an entire blog post (Note to Self: Write a post about this), but the short of it is that stories look better after they’re professionally edited.  Yeah, it can hurt some, but so can all sorts of other things we do to make ourselves presentable.  I trust Tim Marquitz, and together we’re going to clean her up and make her shine.

The cover art for Mountain of Daggers is just about finished.  I saw it last week and absolutely love it.  There was just one minor change I requested before it’s complete.  Hopefully, I’ll get permission to share it soon.  Mountain of Daggers has been a long-time coming, and seeing the art actually gave me chills.  The focal point of the cover is a pendant depicting a mountain made of upturned daggers.  Seeing that symbol (drawn well, and not my own terrible sketches) was by far the greatest part.  There is a slight (98.42%) chance that I may have a pendant made for myself.

All in all, it’s been a good month (Except for that broken pipe part.  That part sucked).



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