Hounacier, The Black Raven, and Other News

After some unfortunate delays, Mountain of Daggers has found a new home over at Ragnarok Publications and should be coming out this  March. To celebrate the Black Raven’s  appearance, I have a little sneak peek of something the lovely folks at Campaign Coins has been working on with me.

Dagger Sample


Look familiar?  If not, here’s another look at the Mountain of Daggers art by Didier Normand.

MOD - Cover art

That’s right!  We’re making Tyenee medallions!

Now the sample above is just a prototype.  We’ve got a couple little tweaks to do before the final version is ready, but that’s pretty much what it will look like. Once they’re ready, and we get a little closer to release day, I’ll let everyone know where to find them and I’ll be giving some away.  For the moment, I can’t easily express how incredible it is to see something that I made up become real.  I love it.

On the Hounacier-front, we’re looking good.  My editor, Tim Marquitz, was pleased with it, and everything appears on schedule for a Spring 2015 release.  I’ll be posting more on this later as things get closer.

In the meantime, this morning I received a wonderful review from author Caleb Pirtle III over at Venture Galleries.  In it he says,

“Seth Skorkowsky has written urban fantasy, to be sure.

But his vision of the genre takes on a whole new look. He sees it with a different pair of eyes, the kind of eyes that Tolkien used when he looked into the mystical troubles strangling The Middle Earth.”

You can read the whole review HERE.

Also, I have a Guest Blog over at RisingShadow.net all about monsters.  So drop by and check it out.


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