Ibenus Pre-Orders Are Live


ReceivedPre-orders are available for Ibenus.

You can find it at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Once again, R.C. Bray narrates the Audible edition, which runs 10 hours and 44 minutes of pure awesome.

Amazon jumped the gun and started shipping some paperbacks a little early (I can only assume they were excited about it, as well). It was a bit of a surprise when a fan tweeted me about their shipping notice.

The first reviews are coming in, which is always wonderful…and honestly, a bit terrifying. It’s a strange experience throwing yourself out there, but reviews so-far have been wonderful. My favorite comment so far was not from an Advance Reviewer, but from a regular reader who had pre-ordered the paperback and devoured it in only 2 days.  

“If the first book was an epic supernatural action book and the second a horror mystery, then this one could be called a tragic romantic adventure. It’s beautifully written, perhaps the most emotional of all the books thus far . Skorkowsky surprises me with each entry in this series because it shifts how we approach each one.”

I’ve made no secret that each of the novels follows a different style. It’s one of the parts that I enjoy the most because its a fun challenge to keep things fresh. However, it does give me some worry each time because some readers might be turned off by the differences between each installment.  So seeing a reader respond this favorably to those changes makes me extremely happy.

In the meantime until the official release, I’ve been writing guest blogs.  I’ll be posting links over the next few weeks as those go live.

Finally, for those of you on Goodreads, don’t forget to add Ibenus to your To-Read list.

Thank you, everyone.



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