Making Headway

Hi all,

Well 2014 is off to a great start, so-far.

The website is looking better (still need to acquire some more pictures).

The wonderful, Hugo Award winning, Elizabeth Bear has agreed to let me use little a quote of hers for DÄMOREN.  That being said, check this out!Damoren Cover
I really can’t describe how nice that is to look at. When Ragnarok sent it to me, I just stared at it for… a while.

Moving on.

I’m over 12,000 words into HOUNACIER, my DÄMOREN sequel, and have now sent the first chapter off for Round 1 of peer-reviews (technically I’ve finished the first 3 chapters, but I like to let them sit a while before letting others tear them apart). The bulk of the story takes place in New Orleans.  I’d written a bunch of ideas, and descriptions when I was there last Spring, it’s becoming more and more clear that I need to go back. Not for more research (which is always handy) but because I miss it.

I’ve started going over MOUNTAIN OF DAGGERS covers with the artist. We’re still trying to get a good glyph for the Tyenee symbol. Hopefully I’ll be able to post some images soon. Right now, the pictures are still in the ‘super-rough concept’ stage.

Not too shabby for four days in to the year.

With nothing more to say, I leave you with this:Damoren Cover
Damn, that’s pretty.

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