New Store and Some Free Fiction

For those that have been wanting a Tyenee Pendant from my Black Raven stories can find one on this site.  So far I only have the copper pendants.  Depending how they go, I’ll be expanding to Bronze, Silver, and the others.  I did have a few gold pendants made for myself and a few others.  There is one gold left and will be doing some special giveaway for it in the future.

In other news, several years ago I narrated my story The Mist of Lichthafen for the TTA Press podcast, Transmissions From Beyond.  It was a lot of fun.  However, TTA eventually pulled the podcast site down.  So I finally uploaded my recording to YouTube and SoundCloud for people to enjoy.



For those not familiar with the story, The Mist of Lichthafen was originally published in Black Static Magazine and was my first sale. It’s a heist/horror story, and while it’s technically not a Black Raven story, it shares the same world and themes. Many of the places in Mist of Lichthafen also appear in the Black Raven adventure Thieves Duel.  The quality of the recording is okay.  I wish my mouse wheel wasn’t so loud and there is a moment where I fail horribly as doing a little girl’s voice. But it’s still fun.  

Hope you enjoy it.

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