Redemptor is out


I’m extremely pleased to announce that Redemptor is now available on Audible. Once again, R.C. Bray has done a fantastic performance. 

Because it’s an Audible Original Production, the book will be Audible-exclusive for six months. After that time, we’ll do a paper and ebook release.

In the meantime, Crossroad Press has officially released the new ebook version of Hounacier. Paperbacks to follow. Also, we’ll be getting Ibenus re-edited and hopefully re-released soon.

Finally, Crossroad has released the new paperback edition of Mountain of Daggers. So for anyone wanting to get your hands on a physical copy, those are out now.


6 thoughts on “Redemptor is out

  1. Connie Terhorsy

    Hi there it’s me again was wondering if you have any GOOD NEWS about when Redemptor will be released as a book form? Am really wanting to read it have read all of the other ones. I am getting a complex waiting for this don’t you love us readers any more.

    1. Hi Connie. Sorry, was out state last week. Redemptor has been edited and will be releasing in ebook this early August. Paperbacks will come sometime after that, but I honestly don’t know yet when Crossroad Press will do the paperback.

      1. Connie Terhorst

        Good evening to you thank you for answering me so quickly ebook is great cause I have a kindle sooo that’s great news. Now I just have to be patience. Thank you again

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