Review and Interview Over at The BiblioSanctum

When I was writing Hounacier and seeing all the wonderful feedback and praise for Dämoren, I started getting a little worried that my drastic change of style for the second book was going to disappoint some readers and reviewers who might have been looking forward to something much more like Book 1.

So far, it looks like everyone has been very happy with the change of themes for Hounacier.  Mogsy at the BiblioSanctum gave it 4-Stars. Same rating she gave Dämoren, and trust me, four stars from Mogsy is no small accomplishment. The reason she’s so respected as a reviewer is because she’s frugal with those stars.

She wrote: “If you like your UF dark, brutal and completely unflinching about the fact, then Valducan is the series for you.”

You can read the entire review here.

After reading it, she asked to interview me about the series, where it all came from, and why I chose to switch protagonists for Book 2. It was a great feeling to go from “Man, I really hope she doesn’t hate it,” to “She liked it so much that she wanted to find out more.” You can read the interview here.

Finally, I’ve been asked several times about the Audiobook for Hounacier.  Well, I’m happy to report that I spoke with R.C. Bray earlier this week and he’s signed on to narrate it.  Unfortunately, the price of using such a talented and successful narrator is that he’s in high demand and his schedule is loaded.  So he’ll begin recording in June.  But they say good things come to those who wait and I’m thrilled to have him back for Hounacier.  With the Audie awards coming up this May, and R.C. Bray’s three nominations (including Dämoren) chances are pretty good that he’ll be getting a whole lot busier very soon.

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