Story Acceptance – Raid on Wewelsburg

I’m very excited to announce that my Valducan Archive Adventure ‘Raid on Wewelsburg‘ has been accepted in Cohesion Press‘ upcoming SNAFU: Black Ops anthology.

Black Ops

Germany, 1945 – In the final days of the Second World War, Lady Helen Meadows leads a team of knights past the front lines to recover the holy weapons plundered by the Nazis before the Allies can seize them. But as they reach Wewelsburg Castle, the SS stronghold, the Valducans discover a plot far more sinister than anything they’d imagined.

It’s a real honor that Cohesion Press invited me to participate in this collection. The other authors are:

Release date is slated for Fall 2016.


In speaking of SNAFU, The United Federation of Charles posted a glowing review of SNAFU: Hunters.  Regarding my story ‘Hungry Eyes,’ he said:

“This is a fairly straight-forward story of a bunch of seasoned professionals killing a lot of monsters and I have to say I rather like it for that alone. The group is far less traumatized than most other hunters in this story and there’s a more uplifting sense of triumph.”

You can find the entire review HERE.

In other news, Emby Press should soon be releasing the long-delayed Occult Detective Monster Hunter: A Grimoire of Eldritch Inquests Vol. II, which includes my story ‘The Vampire of Somerset.’  As with  ‘Raid on Wewelsburg,’ the story features Lady Helen Meadows as the hero, and I’m very excited to get to show her off.  Lady Meadows is one of my favorite characters I’ve written. I’ll be announcing the release information once I know more.


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