The Hunt for Sabre IV

Traveller, 2021

The Travellers are hired by the president of a mining company to locate a stolen ore carrier before it can escape the system. When their prime suspect comes up as a framed murder victim, the Travellers must uncover who the conspirators are, locate the ship, and figure out how to seize it from an armed and desperate crew.

Written for Mongoose Second Edition Traveller, this mystery adventure was written as a setup for the classic adventure Murder on Arcturus Station, which I revised and updated to the new edition. Both adventures make up the book Mysteries on Arcturus Station.

This adventure came about after I read the original Murder on Arcturus Station (GDW, 1983) by J. Andrew Keith. I was extremely impressed with it. However, the scenario required a lead-in adventure concerning a stolen ship and several characters to have already been introduced to the Player Characters. There had originally been a short adventure, Without a Trace, written for that role in the Journal of the Travellers’ Aid Society, issue #18, but being a 2-page skeleton adventure, it failed to fulfill the necessary parts for the adventure. I wrote The Hunt for Sabre IV to better fill that role.

I reached out to Mongoose Publishing, asking if they might revise and re-publish the old Murder on Arcturus Station for the newest edition. I also pitched my prequel adventure to go along with it. They agreed and tapped me for the project in revising the classic module as I saw fit. I made several changes to the old adventure, earning the writing credit for the reimagined version, but despite my changes, I still see Murder on Arcturus Station as Keith’s (at most, I might concede being a co-writer for the new version). My role was to enhance and update his brilliant story, while tying it to my own adventure into a series of two interconnected scenarios aboard a space station.

While J. Andrew Keith passed away many years before I could meet him, I hope he would approve of the changes that I made, as well as the new prequel, and be proud that his adventure is still available for the newest generation of players almost 40 years later.

You can purchase the adventure on Drivethru RPG and on the Mongoose Publishing website. 

Original Murder on Arcturus Station (1983) by J. Andrew Keith









JTAS #18 (1983). the mini-adventure Without a Trace appeared in this magazine as a teaser for the then upcoming Murder on Arcturus Station.