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  1. Richard

    was your video “the 5 worst characters that good players make” de-listed? i was trying to share it with a GM as we were having a bit of a 13th warrior issue in our cyberpunk game, but i can’t seem to find it now.

  2. Scott in Nova Scotia

    So I have to ask. I’m listening to your run through of Flatlined. You decided you didn’t want to use the EMP blast to crash the ship .

    When you land and get to the mining camp all their electronics have been fried by an EMP blast and the lobstrosities have been enraged/enflamed/attracted by strange electrical disturbance from the EMP blast If you do away with the EMP for crashing the ship you dont have an obvious reason for the camp to have their electronics fried unless two unrelated events have occurred at almost the same time. I guess the Ship could be crashed by a storm which could also have fried the electronics at the Camp. Hmm that wasnt so hard to figure out So bad luck , nasty unpredictable storm rather than enemy action , the emp device.

    1. I didn’t do away with the EMP blast. I did away with the EMP bomb and sabotage plot. I had the landing ship bump the tower which caused a short and sparked off the EMP blast.
      Also, its way way easier if you comment about specific videos in the video’s comment section.

  3. George Mattson

    Hey Seth, I was wondering if I could ask you about a rumor I heard that you had once done a review of the old Leading Edge Games Aliens Adventure Game RPG from 1991. Is that true? I’ve owned a copy of it ever since then (as well as Phoenix Command), and I’d love to hear your take on that.

    Love the videos, by the way.

  4. safty

    Hi there, I was wondering if you had some tips on creating interesting items the investogators in CoC (or other games) can find? I feel like it would be a fun way of combining smaller szenarios into a bigger story but as a beginner keeper I have a hard time coming up with something that fits into the world. (Thought about having Corbitt from “The Haunting” wear a ring that might give the ability to controll the dagger, or make some kind of connection to nyarlathotep, like seeing one of his avatar observing the investogators from time to time.

    Anyway, your vids are a great help, thanks a lot!

  5. Andrew in Switzerland

    Thanks for building a mystery into the Traveller Ship-build video Seth,

    What kind of lunatic would make Jack a ship´s captain? Somebody with an ulterior motive obviously… might be a good idea to check the drives, and if the rest of Scout Services assigned crew have history of trouble making or disciplinary issues?

    Sounds like an accident waiting to happen.

    Perfect cover for an insurance job by one of those back office bean-counters sick of Jack´s whining complaints to Sector Office. After years of crummy government pay and thankless crews they are wanting to make some real money.

    Taking out an extra insurance contract on a Scout Services ship in a private name would be suspicious. But anybody could insure their cargo listed as on the ship … whether its physically there or not as long as in ships manifest. A sloppy crew won´t notice a sub-file in their crummy computer that lists a high value second cargo; suppressed to disappear behind their actual documentation. Then its just a matter of paying the premiums to an insurer different from the rest of vessel, waiting for Jack´s misfits to screw up, and a comfortable retirement.

    Of course a planet-side desk jockey might not realise some systems require ship computers to autofill customs declarations on arrival (or that pirates hack manifests to find targets). So anytime that vessel is flying without another cargo ´- its officially packed full with 12 tonnes of fictional cargo of Advanced Weapons/Radio-actives/McGuffins … A cargo that “vanishes” when anything else is loaded – attracting zealous law enforcement and insurance agents looking for scammers.

    Amazing what you can find if you keep asking “why would anyone do that?” 😉

    Thanks so much for all the content.

  6. Canardian

    Hey seth! been watching your videos for a couple years now, ever since quarantine first started, and just wanted to let you know that you’ve helped me klinda up my game in Call of Cthulhu from being kinda meh, to if nothing else, very good at setting a tone XD.
    I just picked up the full Cyberpunk Red book (Edgerunners finally got my friends interested enough to really play a game in Night City), and i was wondering if you had a review for that in the works at all? you’ve got the jumpstart kit review i know, but I was just curious on your thoughts about the full game. ideally before the first session here in a few weeks but i know that’s probably a little unreasonable. anyways, take care, and keep an eye out for ornery scott brown agents.

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