The 2015 Audie Awards and Other News

Last week I attended the APA’s annual Audie Award Gala.  While Dämoren lost Best Paranormal to M.R. Carey’s The Girl With All the Gifts, I had a fabulous time.

RC. BrayI met Dämoren’s narrator R.C. Bray, who was also nominated for several other awards and did win the Audie for Andy Weir’s The Martain.  R.C. will also be reading for Hounacier as well as Mountain of Daggers.

Speaking of Hounacier, Audible’s editors have selected it for their Summer Preview of their most anticipated upcoming releases.  It’s set to release 7/21.  I don’t have a date yet for Mountain of Daggers Audible release, but R.C. told me he should be recording it soon after he’s finished with Hounacier.  Hopefully with 2 new audio books in 2015 I might make it back to the Audies soon.

MedalI’d really like to have another medal to go along with the one bestowed on Dämoren.

In other news, Bloodshot Books has just signed my Valducan short story The Serpent’s Army for their upcoming Not Your Average Monster Anthology. The story will follow Clay and Schmidt in the 1980’s.  Expected publication date is late September 2015.

In the meantime, I’m still plugging away on Ibenus and have a couple more stories out there waiting acceptance. Hopefully soon I’ll have updates on those.


18 Facts About Dämoren

Dämoren was released one year ago today.  In honor of the occasion, I wanted to share a few facts about it. And since Dämoren has 18 shells, I decided on 18 facts.

**Spoilers Below**

1:  Dämoren was originally planned to have been built by the Italian gun-maker Beretta. But when researching, I learned that Beretta didn’t do much work with revolvers in the late 19th Century.  It was changed to a Holland & Holland pistol, a British gun-maker. It wasn’t until after finding pictures of Joseph-Célestin Dumonthier’s cutlass revolvers that I changed it to a Dumonthier pistol and added the blade.

Dumonthier Engraved

2:  There are 21 characters living in the chateau when Matt arrives, him making 22. I’d originally planned for five more, but decided I already had more than enough characters.

3:  The demons that inhabit the jade masks are shishi lions.


4:  The Valducans can confirm 46 holy weapons at the beginning of the book.  They discover one more, bringing the total to 47.  By the end, there are 36 (with a 37th being rebuilt).

5:  Matt being a male character was a last-second decision.  Because I was already so far outside my comfort zone by writing something other than Sword & Sorcery, I decided to make him male.

6:  The Valducan’s airplane is a Fokker F27 turboprop.


7:  Max Schmidt was named after actor Max von Sydow. However, his character was inspired by Walter from Hellsing.

8:  The Mel Gibson movie that Matt watches in his Canadian motel room is Lethal Weapon.

Lethal Weapon Quad

9:  Dämoren takes place in 6 countries and 3 continents (7 countries if you count the interludes).

10:  Neil Gaiman’s use of informational interludes in American Gods inspired their use in Dämoren.

11:  Dämoren’s name was rooted off of the German word  dämon, which means, demon. While I personally love the umlaut in the title, the problems that readers might face when typing searches for it led us to listing it as Damoren on Amazon and Goodreads. 


12:  There was a cut chapter that explained that Ben and Natuche were in a secret relationship. Ben deeply regretted that he never told Natuche that he was in love with her. The chapter was cut because it was the only chapter that wasn’t in Matt’s Point of View and it stuck out.

13:  Dämoren took 15 months to write.

14:  The Wendigo attack in Chapter 1 takes place in upstate New York off of Kinzua Lake. My wife’s family owns a cabin at the same location.

15:  Aside from their holy weapons, the Valducans use several firearms. Matt uses a Mac10 Ingram.  Luiza and Luc both use a SIG Sauer P226 (Luc’s is tan). Allan uses a Walther PPK.  Malcolm caries a sawed-off Remington double barrel. Kazuo uses a WWII Colt M1911.  Jean uses a Steyr AUG at the mine scene. Schmidt carries a .357 Magnum revolver. Ben carries a 5-shot .38 Special.

16:  Demonic breeds shown in Dämoren are: Wendigo, Strutter, Ghoul, Vampire, Werewolf, Oni, Ifrit, Hellhound, Lamia, Rakshasa, Succubi, Itwan, Shishi, Tiamat, and an unnamed orange thing. Demonic breeds mentioned, but not shown are Aswang, Sigben (a.k.a. Chupicabra,) Tengu (the bird-headed thing in Matt’s story), and an unnamed bipedal horned lizard.

17:  Chapter 1 is obviously a prologue, but because so many people have expressed a dislike for prologues, and often skip them, I labeled it Chapter 1.

18:  Lunar eclipses are a major plot point to the novel.  There was a total lunar eclipse on the night Dämoren was released*

Blood Moon

Bonus 19th Fact: (because Dämoren regained one shell):  Dämoren’s technical stats – Seven-shot single action centerfire revolver.  11mm bullet.  Loading gate on left side. Eight-inch octagonal barrel with ten-inch blade. Gold leaf. Small red gems along barrel and a prayer (without “amen.” That’s on the bullet.) The handle is straight, angled down. It is ivory and capped with two wolves heads in bronze.

*OK, technically the next day, but in the early AM before sunrise, so I’m counting it.

Hounacier Is Out!

The wait is over, Hounacier is out today on Amazon Kindle.  Other formats will be following soon.

Hounacier Cover

The first review is on The United Federation of Charles, which gave it an 8.5/10.  Since they gave Damoren an 8/10, I take that as a very good sign.
He says, Hounancier is a very different book from Damoren but not a bad one. Those looking for a continuation of Matt Hollis demon-slaying adventures will have to wait for future installments of the book. Those interested in a Voodoo-practicing demon-hunting stalking werewolves and succubi in New Orleans, however, are in for a treat.”

In other news, reviewed Dämoren, and made it to their Recommended Reading List.
They said, “Damoren is an exciting first venture from a talented new voice, and I will definitely be picking up the sequel. You should too.”

Also, I just got back from All-Con where I gave my very first Author Presentation. It was called, “The Things No One Tells You About Querying a Novel,” and it went outstandingly well.  It was a bit surreal to actually be the one presenting at one of these events. The piece was a more in depth look at the topics I discussed in my “5 Lessons I Learned When Querying a Novel” post.  Now that I’ve done it, I plan to hone it down and share it at further conventions.

In the meantime, I look forward to seeing how everyone responds to Hounacier and to Mountain of Daggers.  I’ll be posting up some guest blogs and author appearances soon.

Thank you, everyone, for all your support.






Audie Nomination for Dämoren

This morning I received an email from my audio narrator R.C. Bray congratulating me that Damoren was nominated for an Audie Award for Best Paranormal. Needless to say, I’m thrilled.


Audie 2015

For those not familiar with the award, the Audie is presented by the Audio Publishers Association (APA) and is the top award for audiobooks.  This will be the 20th year for the Audies, and I’m very honored to be among those nominated. R.C. Bray did a fantastic job and I hope he sweeps the awards this year (he received a lot of nominations).



2014 in Review

2014 was a spectacular year.

Dämoren was released in April and reception was incredible.  I’ve been blown away at how well it’s sold and how many wonderful reviews have been written.  Thank you, everyone.

My wife and I purchased a new house, and I got to experience all the joys of moving, and seeing just how much crap we’ve accumulated over the years before purging it.  The house is great, and no doubt it will provide years of projects, cursing, and trips to the hardware store.

I finished Dämoren’s  sequel, Hounacier, and Ragnarok has signed it. As of now, everything is good for a March 2015 release.

I also wrote three new short stories. Two of which are Valducan tales, as well as a new Black Raven adventure.  So far one of those has sold, and I’m optimistic on the others.

Speaking of the Black Raven, Ragnarok Publications picked up my two Black Raven collections from Rogue Blades and those are both slated for 2015.  The first, Mountain of Daggers, will also be coming out March 2015 (March is going to be a busy month for me, to be sure.)

Campaign Coins is almost done with the Tyenee medallions for my Black Raven release.  Here’s a picture of the final 45mm versions alongside the original 35mm I showed before.


I’ll be posting up ways to score them as we get a little closer to release date. If reception is good, I hope to make all the different colors from the books available.

I’ve also started writing out the first few parts for the third Valducan novel Ibenus. It’s still in the beginning phases, but everything is coming together pretty smoothly. 

Aside from moving, releasing a novel, and writing a novel, 2014 has also been spent reading.  I read a lot last year.

 My 2014 reading list:

Sword Sisters – Tara Cardinal & Alex Bledsoe
The Black Company – Glen Cook
Nameless: The Darkness Comes – Mercedes M. Yardley
Those Poor, Poor Bastards – Tim Marquitz, J.M. Martin, Kenny Soward
The Ten Thousand Things – Tim Marquitz, J.M. Martin, Kenny Soward
The Devil Rides Out – Dennis Wheatley
Gateway to Hell – Dennis Wheatley
Storm Front – Jim Butcher
Fool Moon – Jim Butcher
No Sympathy for the Wicked – Joseph Albert King
Night of the Long Knives – Fritz Leiber
Hour of the Dragon – Robert E. Howard
Vampire$ – John Steakley
Dune – Frank Herbert
Demon Squad: Armageddon Bound – Tim Marquitz
Apocalyptic Montessa and Nuclear Lulu: A Tale of Atomic Love – Mercedes M. Yardley
The Art of War – Sun Tzu
A Princess of Mars – Edgar Rice Burroughs
The Gods of Mars – Edgar Rice Burroughs
The Warlord of Mars – Edgar Rice Burroughs
The Forty First Wink – James Walley
The Dark Tower 1: The Gunslinger – Stephen King
The Dark Tower 2: The Drawing of the Three – Stephen King
The Dark Tower 3: The Waste Lands – Stephen king
The Dark Tower 4: Wizard and Glass – Stephen King
The Dark Tower 5: Wolves of the Calla – Stephen King
Imora – Daniel S. Connaughton
Legion: Skin Deep – Brandon Sanderson

 Overall, 2014 was a fantastic year.  Thank you everyone for all your support. With three upcoming releases, I hope to make 2015 even better.


New Interview and Book Giveaway

I’ve been neglecting my blog again.  But never fear, I’ve been working hard.


Nocturnal Library

I have a guest blog over at the Nocturnal Library which includes a contest for a free copy of Dämoren.  Contest ends 10/26/14, so be quick.

Also The United Federation of Charles gave a very very good review.  He also interviewed me about Dämoren and the Valducan Series.

If you’re in the Colleyville Texas area, I’ll be signing books tomorrow at Clockwork Gamer between 4:00 and 7:00. So drop by and say hi.

On the writing front, Hounacier is almost done.  I have about 2,000 more words to go and it feels wonderful.  I’m really happy with how this one has shaped-up.  It is by far the darkest thing I’ve ever written.

That’s all for now.  I hope to back up soon with more updates.






Audible Release and Sea of Quills Revealed

For those who have been wondering how to pronounce Dämoren, I have some very good news. Dämoren is now available on Audible, narrated by R.C. Bray.


 Listening to the story read by another person was surreal.  Once I became used to it, it was the first time I’ve ever been able to sit back and enjoy the “reader experience” of Dämoren.  Previously, every time I’ve ever read it, I was editing, remembering previous edits or versions, or I wasn’t fully reading it as much as seeing the words and recalling what they said.

 Also, artist Didier Normand has finished the cover art for Sea of Quills and it’s simply beautiful. Ahren has never looked better.

SoQ original - DNormand 7-11-14

Like with Mountain of Daggers, the image is a wrap-around.  Ahren will be on the front and the city will be on the back cover.  This is also the second cover to depict the graven, torch-bearing towers of Lunnisburg.  Johnney Perkins painted then for Flashing Swords #11 when I first published The Reluctant Assassin.  That picture was nice.  It was Ahren’s first cover and I’ll always cherish it, but this… this is incredible.  I can’t wait to see what it looks like once the actual cover design is complete.

 On the writing-front, Hounacier is coming along very well.  I’ve also completed the first Valducan short story, The Vampire of Somerset.  It’s a field report by Lady Helen Meadows (a sharp eye might spot her name in Dämoren) set in 1934.  It’s already been selected as an Editor’s Choice in my writing workshop, so hopefully that’s a good sign that it won’t have much difficulty being picked up by an anthology.  I have several more Valducan Archive Adventures planned, featuring some new and old characters, but for right now Hounacier is occupying the bulk of my writing time.

 I’ll have several announcements coming up soon, but that’s all I have for now.  Now back to writing.


HOUNACIER Plot Revealed

The past few weeks have been extremely eventful.

On May 10th I had my first signing event and book release party at Area 51 Gaming & Collectables in Grapevine Texas. The signing event went extremely well. After it was through, we kicked off the party. My friends surprised me with a beautiful shadowboxed copy of Dämoren enclosed with an engraved shell. They also got me a matching Dämoren shell pendant.

Damoren Signing Event

I’ll have another signing event this June at Clockwork Gamer this late June. The date isn’t set yet, but I’ll post it once it is. If you’re in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area, please drop by.

Dämoren has had a very successful first month. As of now it’s still at #59 on Amazon’s Top 100 Urban Fantasy list.

It also received a very good review on It said, “So, to sum things up, as some other reviews have pointed out, if you’re a fan of Jim Butcher’s style of urban fantasy, you can’t get enough of Supernatural and you like original urban fantasy that places less emphasis on the romance and you like your world-building, but you especially like your demons, buy this book.”

 Also, I took part in a podcast interview with Adventures in SciFi Publishing, alongside the rest of the Ragnarok Publication team. We discussed our Grimdark character arcs. You can listen to it Here.

In other news, Hounacier’s description has officially been announced on the Ragnarok Publications website, and also on the Official Valducan Series Facebook Page.

HOUNACIER (Valducan #2)

Eleven years ago, atheist Malcolm Romero met a god. Now he’s a demon-hunting voodoo priest armed with a holy machete named Hounacier.

After the murder of his mentor, he returns to New Orleans to catch the killer. But more is at stake when Malcolm finds himself betrayed, cursed, and his holy blade stolen. Now Malcolm’s only hope to save his soul and to recover Hounacier, is the Valducan knight sent to kill him, Matt Hollis, the wielder of the holy revolver Dämoren.

So…what do you think? We’ve got murder, a few familiar faces, voodoo, and the city of New Orleans. Now I just need to finish it.


Dämoren News and Writing Updates

Damoren Banner 2

Dämoren‘s reception has been outstanding.  I’m amazed at how well everyone has been receiving it.

It spent the past week and a half in three of the Top 100 Amazon categories for Urban and Paranormal Fantasy. It also broke the 1,000th sale mark in 23 days. That’s fantastic! Thank you, everyone.

Reviews and Interviews

The BiblioSanctum said, “Rest assured Dämoren will satisfy all your needs in the action and thrills department, but what I was most impressed with was the world building and unique body of lore Skorkowsky has created, which offered a fresh new take on the angel/demon mythos.”

Self Publisher’s Showcase said, “That Mr. Skorkowsky’s debut release is so utterly consuming, leads me to believe that before too long bookshelves across the globe will be accosting and brutalizing their owners if his name does not reside on their shelves…”

I also recently recorded a podcast interview with Adventures in Scifi Publishing along with some more of the Ragnarok Publications Team. I’ll let you know when that’s edited and released.

Signing Event

I’m also extremely happy to announce that I will signing books at Area 51 Games and Collectibles in Grapevine Texas on Saturday May 10th. If you’re in the DFW area, please come by and check it out.


On the writing front, everything has been going great.  Jason Waltz of Rogue Blades Entertainment sent me the final cover sketches for Sea Of Quills and I’ll be honest, it is going to look fantastic.  Artist Didier Normand is incredibly talented and I can’t wait to see the final painting.

Hounacier is still coming along.  I’ve broken the 35,000-word mark and things are speeding up.  I’m very pleased with how it’s coming together. 

Lastly, I’ve finally gotten around to making a Valducan Series page on Facebook.  Please drop by and give it a ‘Like’.

That’s all for now.  Thank you for all your support, everyone.


Dämoren Reviews and Guest Blogs


The past week has been a whirlwind.  Kinlde Editions of Dämoren released Monday, followed by Paperback Editions on Thursday.

I received a phone call to setup my first book signings, which was a complete and awesome surprise.  I’ll post the dates once we’ve hammered them out.

I did an author interview at The Quillery. In it, we discuss the hardest character for me to write in Dämoren, and my favorite line.

Guest Post at Bibliotropic: It Started With a Gun and an Idea – Here I share the two ideas that came together and became my novel Dämoren.

Guest Blog Post at Fantasy Book Critic: Building the Perfect Revolver – I discuss the inspirations and details about making the revolver Dämoren. I really enjoyed the post.


Bloggers reviews have been outstanding.

5-Star Review from blogger Frank Michaels Errington. In it, he said, “If you love urban fantasy, you’ll certainly enjoy Dämoren.

Fantasy Book Critic also gave a stellar review, saying, Dämoren is an exciting debut, as it offers the best of both urban fantasy and thrillers have to offer. Seth Skorkowsky writes a story that is an excellent combination of horror, action and mythology, furthermore his writing flows smoothly and makes for a damned good read as well. Check out Dämoren if you like Jim Butcher‘s works mixed in with a strong dash of James Rollins‘ thrillers.”

Dangerous Dan’s Book Blog said, “It was a fun read and things got really tense in the last 20%. Since it’s the first book in a series, I knew some people would live but if the first book is any indication, the story of the Valducan knights is going to be a bloody one with lots of casualties.”

 And there’s still more coming.  Dämoren has had an awesome debut, and now there’s a serious fire under me to be sure that the sequel, Hounacier, beats it.

Thank you, everyone.